International Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Amsterex is a fast, safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform. Built up from the ground. This gives us total freedom in our developmental and software implementation options.

We value quality, purpose and community interaction when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We try our hardest to bring you only quality and reliable blockchain related projects and the best user experience on our platform as possible.


AmsterEx does not require ID verification (KYC). We honor your privacy. The only thing we need from you is an email address for account communication.

All your personal data is encrypted and will never be shared or sold to a third party.

Customer Service

Customer service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Our support service team is standing by to give you fast support ticket responses to account related issues and other questions you might have.

We guarantee a personal, non-automated ticket response within 48 hours!

Profit Sharing Option

Amsterex has it's own coin called AME. We give back 60% of our revenue to AME holders every week. By holding a minimum of 50 AME in your personal desktop wallet, and with a claimed address on the blockchain explorer, you can receive share dividends!

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